Sunday, January 9, 2011


sundaysundaysunday - chris alden.

alexine and i woke up at 11:30 with greg texting and called us.
we forgot we invited him over for homemade mickey waffles that morning.
but since alexine and i were home alone all day.
the waffles never happened.
after an hour of laying in bed we finally got up and went downstairs.
made ourselves some perogies and strawberry strudles. YUMMY!
while making our food we cranked up the music and partied in the kitchen.
kept asking greg to come over. he would never give us a straight answer.
after we were done eating. and dancing around the house.
we found some firework confetti things and played with those in my kitchen... which was probably not a good idea.
but hey it was fun :]
greg then FINALLY came over.
once he came over we were gonna set of a firework once he walked in the door but we vetoed that.
once he got there we sat around and then played wii resort. pretty fun actually.
hes a sore loser though :]
at this time is was maybe 4ish.
once we played all that we could play greg and i drove alexine home.
after she was dropped off we drove around for a good 10 mins.
we always just take rides around the block. just us. its pretty chill.
this kid then called greg and wanted to hang.
next thing we knew he was right behind us literally a foot behind us in his car.
greg then sped up and tried to get away. they were pretty much racing.
it was pretty scary but fun. :]
i was then dropped off at home.

im now once again chillin in my room and on the computer until i get tired and go to bed.
ughhh tomorrows monday.
goodbye weekend.

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