Monday, January 17, 2011



woke up around 10. had to make a dvd for greenawalt from the competition on saturday.
he couldnt make it. so he had us video tape it and put it all on a dvd for him.
it gave me a little difficulty but i worked through it and finally finished it and dropped it off to him at the school.
ran a couple errands with madre. then.... WELCOME TO MOE'S. we got moe's for dinner. so yummmy.
finally got home and i then had to start my studying.
i study for a good 3 to 4 hours on and off.
for an hour i studied with madre. she "tested" me. since i have the attention span of a fish, i had to have her read it and stuff. haha.
after her testing me over and over and over again it finally stuck in my head. and im hoping it sticks there until tomorrow morning at least when i am taking the REAL final.

as you can see this day was a boring slow yet sorta productive day.
but i guess that is what the day before finals are all about.
its almost midnight and i should probably get a good night sleep before my big chem final tomorrow at 8 am.
wish me luckkk.


love, the girl who's brain is about to explode.

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