Tuesday, January 18, 2011


24. a photo of someone you find attractive.

story behind picture:
not much of a story actually.
dont know him personally but i wish i did.
zac efron is pretty attractive i must say myself.
his smile. his hair. his body.
his voice. his acting/singing. his dancing.

speaking of his dancing.
my madres goal to do before she dies [shes only 53 so not anytime soon] but before she dies she wants to dance with zac efron.
not so sure what kind of dance. probably ballroom dance.
that is ONE thing that she would want to do before he dies.
and to be honest i dont think she will be dying anytime soon.
but that would be pretty cool if zac efon just stopped by and danced with my madre...
but then took me out for dinner after of course haha. :]

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