Saturday, January 29, 2011



woke up in the am really tireddd.
but i barely got through practice. got hit alot by myself and now im all bruised up.
rushed home them took a shower and got ready for the washington winter carnival.
i was then finally ready by 2ish. walked up to washington elementary school which was my old elementary school.
i miss that place. alot.
once i got there alexine brenna marena and greg were waiting for me.
we walked around and played some games. then the cake walkkkk.
we walked into the gym and i across the room i see reese... and clare.
its the old story. clare martin and i have known each other our whole entire lives.
we were the best of friends all through elementary/middle school.
then high school happened. we are sitll friends. but not as close.
we changed friends. and greg apart. but we still get excited to see each other.
and for reese. he and i have known each other since we were probably 3 years old.
even though i barely remember it. he and i used to tap dance together and i would always go over his house and hang out.
sophmore year clare and reese dated. so since i was kind good friends with clare i always hung out with reese.
i love reese. he is so nice. good looking. and just fun to be around.
so anyway i walked into the gym and as soon as i walked in i made complete eye contact with reese and was confused on why he was working because he didnt go to washington.
i walked over and said hey. and we all talked for a bit.
clare and i were just caughting up on everything. the most random things.
like abby. all her neighbors and more. speaking of neighbors. i asked how valerie was.
i babysat valerie a couple times. she used to be clares neighbor. but she moved about 7 years ago.
so i asked how she was. she should be in middle school by now i think.
so i asked. and clare just kinda looked at me. and said...
she died. and i was in complete shock. and i started crying. infront of everyone.
i honestly dont know why it hit me so badly. i only knew her when we were young but still she was only maybe 11 at the time she died. she died while she was on a boat. a drunk driver on a boat hit her boat and she died in minutes.
then clare had to go somewhere so reese and i just kinda talked and caught up with everything.
asking each other how we were and small talk. it was nice. i couldnt stop smiling.
alexine brenna marena greg and i went back into the auditorium for the raffles.
sadly none of us won anything. but all these little girls won and were all so happy and screaming.
while we were just sitting there surrounded by little kids i thought to myself.
im so old. it feels like i was in their place yesterday. but now a year form now i will be graduating highschool!
little kids are what make me want to start my life all over again. i wish i were 5 again. and to be honest i got a little chocked up. it was pretty depressing actually.
we then headed out and alll walked home together. once i got home. i kinda just layed around my house. ate dinner until 8ish when brenna and alexine cam over for a sleepover.
which included.
-tagging greg in embarrassing pictures on facebook.
-girl talk
-writing on "the wall"
-greg finally then came over
-hungout and talked
-greg left around 1 am.
-then kesha appeared in my room.
-alexine and brenna gave me a complete ke$ha makeover.
-crazy make up crimped hair and a really skimpy dress. (wasnt aloud to see myself until the were completely done.)
-i looked in the mirror and i looked exactly like kesha i was amazed.
-kesha photoshoot.
-bed making in the living room - fail.
-ate pb & jjjj'sssss
-calling and calling and calling greg. he fell asleep.
-crimped brennas hair.
-chatted with some pretty funny guys and girls on chatroulette.
-i fell asleep at 5 am. but they didnt until like 7.

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