Friday, January 7, 2011

snookie poof.


no 2 hour delay. but hey i made my own 1 hour delay. :]
went in at 9/9:30ish. missed chem. opps.
went to all my classes.
all were mostly boring.
only good parts was when i was talking to friends.

randy and rachel broke up today... i think.
kassidy and i went and hung at randys and we all watched despicable me. i LOVE that movieee!
randy and i were just layin and hangin and then theres kassidy the awkward freshman.
my brother then came and picked me up at 5:10ish since i had to be at the school for winterguard at 5:20 5:30ish.
once i got in the car graham flipped. i wanted to punch him soooo bad. grrr. stupid brother!!
but hey hes leaving sunday!
rushed around and then finally got to the highschool.
once i got there we were learning how to do the hair and makeup for the show.
which is next saturday!
snookie poof + rat attached to head + whore makeup = classic winterguard.
during practice this one girl named lyndsey is a crazy emotional person.
she cries at EVERYTHING!
she is also very moody.
at practice tonight she cried a good 4 times.
i guess she just gets frustrated that she cant get the work correct.
but hey no one can. but you dont see us crying.
the 4th time she cried it resolved into her hyperventilating.
but thats nothing new.
it takes so much for me not to laugh.
when we run the work she screams all the counts sooooooo loud!
when everyone else is counting to themselves.
she is screaming and swearing bloody murder.
its unbelievable how emtionally unstable this girl is.
one practice was over i ended up going home and staying home for the night.

but im super tired and i have to get up at 6:45 and be at practice at 7:45 till 12 tomorrow.
busy busy busy.
the only day i get to sleep in is sundays. ughhhh. =/

night lovesss. :]

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