Sunday, January 16, 2011


only days away from finals. ahhhhhhh! help!!!!
but good thing is this week will go pretty fast.
off on monday. (which means studying)
finals tuesday and wednesday from 8-10 then get to go home.
full day of school on thursday which we wont do anything on.
then off on friday. WAHOOO!

today went pretty fast. woke up at 1 pm haha.
sunday is the only day i get to sleep in. so i take advantage of it.
woke up and had to be ready by 3/3:30ish to go to my gams to have lunner (lunch dinner) since i was gonna be eating at 4.
turns out gmas wasnt joining us. she was still at her rehab place because of her shoulder. (she fell off of the "comod" a little while back and did something to her shoulder.)
it was free and it was gooooooood. i had to get all dressed up and everything.
once dinner was over we headed home. got dropped off since my rents were going to some cover band of the beatles.
said hi to greg. then chilled at home for a while at home by myself.
around 8ish alexine came over and we watched easy A....WHICH I LOVE!
as weird and probably bad it sounds that movie relates to my life somewhat. but we will get into that later.
we were calling and calling and calling greg. when he finallly texts me back.
he then came over and we all watched the pacifier. we were all bunched up on my bed haha.
it was around midnight and they had to leave.
later on he called me. we chatted for a little bit.
then texted a bit. but then he stopped responding. kinda figured he fell asleep. haha.

now im here just listening to jar of hearts by christina perri. such a good song!!!
but my eyes are slowly trying to close.


love, content little girl.

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