Tuesday, January 18, 2011


today wasnt the best.

woke up today at 6. found out that there was a delay.
which meant my chem final was moved back to 10 i thought.
but nooooo its now at 1:15.
got up and ready for NO REASON!
had a couple hours to spear so i watched.....
a is for awesome! :]
sadly... that whole story line is somewhat like my life was a couple months ago. but in a different way..

first real day of 2011 that i can honestly say that it sucked.
all the others have been great or just alright but never sucked.
today was just all about stress stress stress.
finals. makeup work. homework. projects. everything.
i thought this week was gonna go by fast and easy.
but i was 100000% wrong on that one.

took my chem final today.
i took that test like it was my job. i flew through it thinking i did AWESOME!
walked home all happy and proud of myself.
i get home and check my grade.
wow was i wrong. thought i got a high C or even a B.
but noooooooooooooooooo i got a 55.19%....


i studied my butt off all night last night. even with my madre.
she tested me on all of it and i knew all of it!
i just dont understand.
i had a B in the class but im finishing with a C in the class.
which im okay with but not happy with.
i thought i did better.
i guess im just not meant to be smart. its just not me. idk.

studied all night for math....which is difficult to study for.
but im hoping i do somewhat better than today.
but my brain was allll fried up.
so i found some magazines on my floor and created a little life motto on my ceiling.

live the life you imagined.


love, the girl who thought wrong.

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