Thursday, January 27, 2011


woke up today not wanting to get out of my soft fluffy robe. but i had to.
got ready and did the same routine i do every morning.
t-shirt and yoga pants kind of day.
tomorrow ill actually try and look nice.
school was school.
gave mrs. silver the picture i drew for her and she was like a little kid on christmas morning. she was sooo happy. she loved it!
got all my make up work. which wasnt that much.
after school i had a best buddies thing.
we played games with the "buddied". had a pretty good time.
then i was asked to be interviewed for the YEARBOOK!!!!
they wanted three of my drawings. a head shot. and an interview.
i kinda felt famous for a good 15 minutes.
cant wait until i see my art work. head shot and even my own words in the YEARBOOK!
where EVERYONE gets to see!!! :]
got home around 4:30 then chilled until 5:30 then i was off to visit grandma.
havent seen her since she fell and messed up her shoulder and is now at a really really really nice rehab center for recovery.
once we got there we said our hellos and then put gma in her wheelchair and took a tour of the rehab center.
it is amazing! it is probably the nicest thing i have ever seen.
in one of the lobbys there is one wall that is water. like a waterfall.
which on the other side was a beautiful ball room with a stage that had a baby grand piano.
the whole room was just simply amazing.
but so was the rest of the place.
awesome gym. nice warm pool. relaxing spas and much much much more.
we then went back to her room and just hungout until 8ish but then madre and i kinda got tired and i had some homework to finish. so we lefttt.
the rest of tonight i plan on doing my homework.....but problem is i have to go borrow a chem and history book from greg.
he is just down the street so its alright.
once my hw is all done i plan on getting to bed early. lets hopeeeee.

love, lazy cassey.

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  1. CONGRATS on getting in the yearbook!! Can't wait to see it!!!