Saturday, January 22, 2011

state of grace.

busy busy busy day.
thank god i got to sleep in today. woke up at 12.
had to be ready by 1:45 for practice at 2 - 6.
it was the longest practice i have ever been through.
it felt like 7 hours. not 4.
once practice was over and we came up to the gym or the 3rd/4th floor people were already here for the show!
there were percussion groups already preforming.
gaurds were getting all there stuff in their assigned spots.
tyler and i were walkin around. ate dinner. said hiya to anna and jess who were working candy/teddy grams.
mark loves my sister anna. he wouldnt stop telling me haha! the are BFFL's.
alexine finally showed up. hung with me the rest of the night.
get said he was coming. but then he bailed.
we then had to help the middle school get ready and do everything for their performance.
then it was time for me to get my uniform all figured out.
alexine was my personal stylist for the night.
did my hair. helped with makeup and fixed uniform.
love her. lucky to have herrrrr.
it was time to perform. everyone who was there to compete and watch were in the gym.
it was a full gym. i walked in and the atmosphere was nerves nerves nerves.
breathe breathe breathe.
aaaaaaaaaaamaaaaziiiiiiiiing graaaaaace...

personally my show was amazing. i think i messed up once but hey i didnt drop.
overall the show was pretty good. at the end people were cheering and standing and yelling for us.
it was an amazing feeling.
once the show was over. and i mean the whole show.
the trophies and everything.
della drove me and alexine home.
i changed and made myself presentable.
then i was off to dellas to have a partaaay and sleepover with...
4 excel girls. me della. cody. james. troy. tyler shelbi who i LOVE! and i think that was about it.
it was a crazy night.
-food food food.
-cody's merca.
-spilled coffee.
-dance party.
-guard videos.
-mt. dew and yummy.
-love me my billy joe.
-kitchen party.
-crazy talk.
-passed out in dellas room.

pretty good night i must say myselffff.

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